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The University of Minnesota MRSEC enables important areas of future technology, ranging from biomedicine, separations, and plastic electronics to security, renewable energy, and information technology. The UMN MRSEC manages an extensive program in education and career development. Center research activities are integrated with educational programs, providing interdisciplinary training of students and postdocs. Read More
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Education & Outreach
Dan Frisbie

Marc Hillmyer (IRG-3) Awarded Mcknight Presidential Endowed Chair  Read More

Chris Leighton

Chris Leighton (IRG-1) Featured on SPPN show, "Why?"  Read More

Configurational Anisotropy and Noise in Nanoparticles

IRG3 Highlight: Configurational Anisotropy and Noise in Nanoparticles  Read More

IRG1 Highlight: Cavitation in Block Copolymer Modified Epoxy Revealed by In Situ Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering  Read More

IRG-3: Poly (cyclohexylethylene) -block-poly(ethylene oxide) Block Polymers for Metal Oxide Templating, ACS Macro Lett., 2015, 4, pp 1027-1032

IRG-3: pH- and Ionic-Strength- Induced Contraction of Polybasic Micelles in Buffered Aqueous Solutions, Macromolecules, 2015, 48 (8), pp 2677-2685
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