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The University of Minnesota MRSEC enables important areas of future technology, ranging from biomedicine, separations, and plastic electronics to security, renewable energy, and information technology. The UMN MRSEC manages an extensive program in education and career development. Center research activities are integrated with educational programs, providing interdisciplinary training of students and postdocs. Read More
Education & Outreach
Gore Annex

Amundson Hall Gore Annex Grand Opening  Read More

Tim Lodge

Tim Lodge (IRG 1) Named Regents Professor   Read More

Configurational Anisotropy and Noise in Nanoparticles

IRG3 Highlight: Configurational Anisotropy and Noise in Nanoparticles  Read More

Plasmonic Interactions through Surface Ligands on PbSe Nanocrystals

IRG4 Highlight: Plasmonic Interactions through Surface Ligands on PbSe Nanocrystals  Read More

2015 Summer Research Program
Applications Due: Feb. 15
Program Dates:
Research Experiences for
Undergraduates (REU)
6/1 - 8/7/2015
Native American Fellows:
6/1 - 8/7/2015
Faculty/Student Teams:
6/1 - 8/7/2015

Research Experiences for Teachers (RET): 6/29 - 8/7/2015

Summer Research Applications

Math and Science Family Fun Fair
Date: Nov. 22, 2014.
McNamara Center

Energy and U
January 12-16, 2015
May 18-22, 2015

Smith 100
Energy and U website

Physics Circus
Date: January 12-16, 2015