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Cassandra M. Knutson, Jane E. Wissinger, (et. al.), Dyeing to Degrade: A Bioplastics Experiment. Journal of Chemical Education, 2019.
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Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Natalie Hudson-Smith, Matthew Styles, Michael Maudal, Adam Juelfs, and Christy Haynes, Expanding the Educational Toolset for Chemistry Outreach: Providing a Chemical View of Climate Change through Hands-on Activities and Demonstrations Supplemented with TED-Ed Videos. Journal of Chemical Education, 2018, accepted.


Cassandra M. Knutson, Deborah K. Schneiderman, Ming Yu, Cassidy H. Javner, Mark D. Distefano, and Jane E. Wissinger, Polymeric Medical Sutures: An Exploration of Polymers and Green Chemistry. Journal of Chemical Education, 2017, 94 (11), 1761-1765.
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Sadie M. Johnson, Cassidy Javner, and Benjamin J. Hackel, Development and Implementation of a Protein–Protein Binding Experiment To Teach Intermolecular Interactions in High School or Undergraduate Classrooms. Journal of Chemical Education, 2017, 94 (3), 367-374.
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Antonio R. Campos, Cassandra M. Knutson, Theodore R. Knutson, Abbie R. Mozzetti, Christy L. Haynes, and R. Lee Penn, Quantifying Gold Nanoparticle Concentration in a Dietary Supplement Using Smartphone Colorimetry and Google Applications. Journal of Chemical Education, 2016, 93, 318-321.
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Theodore R. Knutson, Cassandra M. Knutson, Abbie R. Mozzetti†, Antonio R. Campos, Christy L. Haynes, and R. Lee Penn, A Fresh Look at the Crystal Violet Lab with Handheld Camera Colorimetry. Journal of Chemical Education, 2016, 92, 1692-1695.
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Audrey F. Meyer, Cassandra M. Knutson, Solaire A. Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Sarah M. Gruba, Ben M. Meyer, John W. Thompson, Melissa A. Maurer-Jones, Sharon Halderman, Ayesha S. Tillman, Lizanne DeStefano, and Christy L. Haynes, Activities for Middle School Students To Sleuth a Chemistry “Whodunit” and Investigate the Scientific Method. Journal of Chemical Education, 2016, 91, 410-413.
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