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Industrial Partnership: IPrime

For more information on the UMN MRSEC industrial partnership with IPrime, visit the IPrime website.

Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM)

The Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) program aims to enhance diversity in materials research and education. The MRSEC PREM partnership builds and supports education and research collaborations between the University of Minnesota MRSEC and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, with the goal of strengthening representation of miniority students in materials science.

For more information about PREM, visit the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley PREM website.

International Collaboration

The MRSEC has developed exchange programs with prominent Research Centers worldwide; each IRG works closely with a partner institution on a particular aspect of IRG research. In alternate years, one or two graduate students from each IRG spend a period of two to eight weeks in the partner institution, while in the other years students from overseas come to Minnesota. Individual IRG faculty also visit partner institutions to facilitate collaboration and outline the appropriate intellectual scope.

The intended outcomes of this program include: (i) a memorable educational and career-building experience for MRSEC-funded students who participate in an overseas exchange; (ii) a greater awareness of other social and scientific cultures in our future technical leaders, so vital for future US competitiveness; (iii) technical collaborations that enhance IRG productivity and inform future research thrusts; and (iv) focused joint symposia or workshops. Specific MRSEC-sponsored international efforts include:

Li Group

Dr. Zhibo Li (a previous UMN MRSEC-funded graduate student) and students, Wenxin Fu and Yu Lin from the Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences

University of Freiburg, (Germany): Synthesis of new ionic liquids, computational studies
University of Dundee (UK): Positron annihilation studies of defect types and densities in complex oxides (e.g., stannates and titanates)
Universidad Complutense (Spain): Electrostatic gating of the PrBa2Cu3O7-δ system
Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany): Theory
ETH (Switzerland): Theory

University Duisburg-Essen (Germany): Student exchange

Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolécules Végétales (France): Cellulosic materials
Institute for Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China): Polyelectrolyte/block polymer assembly, synthesis, cryoTEM

The University is funded through the National Science Foundation MRSEC Program, Award DMR-1420013

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