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Tony Low, Sang-Hyun Oh: Novel Light-Matter Interactions in Black Phosphorus: an Emerging Anisotropic Layered Material for Optoelectronics and Metamaterials

Low and Oh seek to explore the novel light-matter interactions in black phosphorus (BP) using the experimental and theoretical capability of the Oh and Low group. Phosphorus can exist in several allotropes, and on of its thermodynamically stable phases under room temperature is BP. BP is a semiconductor and has highly anisotropic electrical and optical properties. Very recently, BP was reintroduced in a multilayer thin film format, obtained from mechanical exfoliation, revealing interesting electrical and optical properties and electrical gate control.

Low's group has performed foundational studies on light-matter interactions in monolayer to few layers BP and has shown that this material exhibits a myriad of strong electro-optic properties (shown in figure). These theoretical predictions by Low have not yet been experimentally verified; the purpose of Low and Oh’s seed project is, experimentally confirm the anisotropic plasmon led by theoretical predictions with the experimental expertise in nanofabrication and characterization provided by Oh’s group.

Mechanisms of light-matter interactions in few layers to monolayer black phosphorus (BP): (a-b) excitons, (c) plasmons and (d) electro-optic effects

National Science Foundation

Funded by the National Science Foundation through the University of Minnesota MRSEC under Award Number DMR-1420013

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